Tiny Land Story:

Everyone needs a rest! Thats not an exception for a M056 robot. He’s a rough machine of metal, who worked and worked so hard for many days. So finally, this awaited wonderful day has come that he can have a holiday – to get some rest and travel to amazing places in his world! Just have a look where this journey has brought him! What an unbelievable combination: a harmony of machine and splendid nature side-by-side.

Capture this moment still: on one side he’s a rough and scary robot, stuck in this lake with yellow snails. But so wonderful how many of these tiny snails have gathered ‘round to show him their natural beauty and lively world! Today M056 enjoys his holiday examining these slow creatures around.

Don’t forget to have a rest and delight the nature!

Tiny land parameters:

>About 75 mm (2,95 inch) bottle without cork

>About 40 mm (1,57 inch) robot

>About 3 mm (0,12 inch) snails


>Robot – paper clay,wire,mechanism

>Snail – paper clay

>Water – crystal resin

>Ground – sponge, sea stone

>Bottle – glass, cork


Glass Bottle, Robot, Snail, Handmade, Personalised Gift, Nature, Terrarium, Tiny world, Miniature, Fun Gift, Steampunk