Katya K. is an artist and designer, specialising in interior design and mural painting. Whilst these are the main focus for her clients, Katya also enjoys spending time on her personal art projects in various techniques: linocut, paintings, miniature arts and jewellery design.

Upon graduation with the Masters of Arts degree, Katya concentrated professionally on the interior design. For the next 7 years she worked with both private and commercial clients to deliver a full cycle of interior design – from an idea to practical implementation.

Katya K.’s broad expertise combined with strong design skills result in elegant and practical solutions, tailored to her client’s budget. An expert at picking up on her client’s individual vision for the end product, she skillfully translates it into a tangible reality. Each piece reflecting her client’s individual style and preferences.

Whilst she is happy to offer her personal expertise, Katya K. is always open to fresh ideas in communication with her clients.

No task is too small task for her, she treats each one with attention and responsibility, bringing inspiring ideas to life.