~ Curious snail ~

Tiny Land Story:

This is very beautiful and slim bottle. It has elegant form with a narrow neck. There is a pure lake with small stones and amazing tiny snail inside. She is sitting on this island, stretching her body to catch each warm sunbeam. Her tiny yellow shell covered with water glaze shines with a bit of orange colour. She’s stretching her long delicate body and barbels to learn the world around.

Enjoy this tiny creature with this beautiful unique bottle made only once!

This tiny snail is hand made once and can’t be repeated exactly. The shell size is about 4mm!

To be used as a neckless, the bottle includes a turquoise ribbon. You can easily change the ribbon length.

Be careful – the bottle is made of glass and might be fragile!

Tiny land parameters:

>About 43 mm (1,70 inch) bottle without cork

>About 4 mm (0,15 inch) snail shell


>Snail – paper clay

>Water – crystal resin

>Ground – sea stone

>Bottle – glass, cork