~ Forest Hunter ~

Tiny Land Story:

Hey… who is hiding in the bushes? The Hunter sees that some shadow has moved behind the river grass – now he is not gonna  let his prey go away. Bravely he steps forward and strings his bow.  Look, what an amazing world surrounds him – dense river grass with white flowers grow through the sand with stones.

Beauty, might and danger go side by side in this little bottle.

Enjoy the unique world in a tiny glass bottle. Inside you will find the hunter character surrounded by truly natural flowers, white stones and sea sand.

>Each time you shake the bottle the sand moves and creates a new unique landscape inside!

>The hunter character is made only ones and cannot be repeated exactly.

Tiny land parameters:

>About 50 mm (1,97 inch) bottle without cork

>About 23 mm (0,90 inch) miniature man

>About 14 mm (0,55 inch) bow


>Miniature man – artistic form

>Land – see sand, nature flower, stones, sponge, artistic form

>Bottle – glass, cork



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