Tiny Land Story:

The story in this unique bottle is about a little ginger girl and a big fluffy red cat. They fortuitously met each other on the street and could not pass each other. Ginger girl brought her new friend  home and hides him timid behind her back. “I won’t let him!” – she said bravely to herself.

>This unique glass bottle has a small dent defect on the top.

>Sea sand is freely moving inside the bottle and creates a new landscape each time you turn or shake it!

>Tiny ginger girl and big fluffy cat are unique, made ones and cannot be repeated!


Tiny land parameters:

>About  40 mm (1,6 inch) dome

>About  30 mm (1,18 inch) miniature girl

>About  17 mm (0,67 inch) cat


>Miniature girl – artistic form

>Miniature cat- artistic form

>Land – artistic form, see sand

>Dome – glass, antique bronze



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