~Giant man~

Tiny Land Story:

This tiny bottle hides a giant man inside. He found a miniature house on the meadow and stares closely at it. He is filling a little uncomfortable being tucked in this miniature world, but he is really trying to observe and see all the tiny details around!

All the details are unique handmade by me! Giant man is sculptured from artistic form and super tiny house are made from paper. Sea sand is freely moving inside the bottle and creates a new landscape each time you turn or shake it!

Tiny land parameters:

>About 30 mm (1,20 inch) bottle without cork

>About 16 mm (0,63 inch) miniature man

>About 4 mm (0,15 inch) house


>Miniature man – artistic form

>House – paper

>Land – sponge,see sand

>Bottle – glass, cork



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