~Green tree and tiny lamp~

Tiny Land Story:

This such a small and amazing world in the bottle! Look inside and you’ll see the green tree grown up on the old tiny lamp. I love to see the power of world’s nature. So here I tucked a small victory of the tree in the human garbage. Follow and get inspired with foliage and tiny natural seashells inside!

Each bottle is unique and made ones. Though I made three bottles like this line, each of them hides their own mood and life inside!

Round clear glass bottle with antique bronze chain. Chain is long enough and has a beautiful lock and a decorative tree branch. Natural rough stones decorate the necklace and sharped the amazingness of land inside this bottle!

>>> Be careful when you wear it! This glass bottle is pretty fragile!

Tiny land parameters:

>About 30 mm (1,2 inch) dome.

>About  10 mm (0,40 inch)tiny tree.


> Land – shells, sand, sponge

> Tiny glass lamp

> Tree – sponge,wire

> Bottle – glass, bronze

>Chaine – antique bronze, nature stones, decorative elements