~Universe with the cup of tea~

Tiny Land Story:

The whole depth of universe is felt as you look closer at this fractal multilayer papercut.

With each layer the pattern develops and reveals more details of amazing universe around us.

Soft light behind looks like millions distant stars which bring their warmth so close.

We often solve our global problems of universe scale sitting with a cup of tea in the kitchen.

So with the cup of tea the idea of that papercut was born.

This multilayer papercut with LED backlight is great as a wall decorative picture-frame or it might take its place a separate art object on the shelve.

Tiny land parameters:

>Powered with the small wallet adapter it would serve you as a warm and soft light at nighttime, consuming just 1 Wt of power.

>Item is shipped with standard ~220V european wallet adapter.

Otherwise it might be powered with any 12V constant current adapter (5.5mm diameter connector).

Size 25x25x5 cm (9,80 x9,80 x1,90 inch)